Signal & Noise Management

Research Teams generate Signal & Noise. That Signal & Noise can overwhelm your internal Device Team quickly. We get in the middle of that research energy and help fine-tune the Signal while redirecting the Noise to our Platform. We know the common elements of Noise patterns and work to reduce the amplitude and frequency of such events.

In the big breeze upwind off Newport, RI in late July 2008


Hoyt began in 1994 as Plymouth Commercial Internet Exchange (PCIX), an Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in Hingham, MA. PCIX was acquired by the IDT Corporation in May 1996 in an Asset Contribution to the IPO.

Hoyt then started OEM.NET which was acquired by Fanch Communications in May 1998. Since 1998, Hoyt has provided Security Consulting, IP Development & Acquisition, Angel Funding and other Resources to Internet Startups.


David Hoyt is the public face of SRD.CX. Hoyt provides knowledge-based technologies from Boston, MA and makes anonymous contributions to Free Open Source Software Projects.

Hoyt is Publisher of vulnerability management, security measurement, and compliance reporting datasets and insight.

Security Assurance

Device Security Assurance is often forgotten about in the rush to Market. Ditch Bags with GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and SBAS Positioning with SoC’s providing PSTN & SS7 via Satellite functionality expose critical code which cross security boundaries during commerce, trade, health & safety.

We provide outside-the-envelope testing services. Security Assurance for Maritime & Medical Assets is a moving target. We can help you stay afloat.

Device Usability

Usability Testing targets a device manufacturers’ regulatory, standards certifications, security posture and marketing requirements. We define a baseline analysis and then push outward to edge-case testing.

Along the route we’ll work with your Project Team to Rollout your Device with proven tested methods not found in a lab. We’re one of many resources that should be working with your Team to avoid that sinking feeling.

Device Quality & Security Assurance