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David Hoyt works with Device Makers to deliver Device Quality & Security Assurance. Hoyt has industry experience across Maritime, Medical, Telecommunications, Hardware, Software and Intellectual Property Development.

If you’ve been offshore, think about your Ditch Bag and Survival.

Brad & Deb being recovered after 5 days at sea by a Russion Freighter in 1982 off North Carolina Coast. The event was made into a book named Albatross and there have been various made-for-tv adaptations of the sinking of Trash Man.

When the Boat sinks, will you have time to grab the Ditch Bag? Did the Company you purchased that Ditch Bag from perform rigorous testing? Did the Device Research Team truly understand your needs to use the Ditch Bag for worldwide communications during an emergency?

Hoyt executes Worst-Case Testing for your Mobile Communications Device at any frequency from anywhere.

Ask your Handset Maker if Hoyt looked at their Communications Device. Have a nice day out on the water. Stay Safe!

Upwind off Newport, RI headed to the Finish Line in late July 2008


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